Balancing your mood with plants

During the fall / winter season we can easily succumb to fatigue even exhaustion, if you are not careful! If your life style is sedentary, stressful, or lacking in minerals or vitamins such as the sun generated vitamin D. How can you cope better with the stress and mood disorders which may follow? Or, how can you prevent "burn-out" from too much fatigue and mood swings? Fortunately, nature offers solutions for strengthening ourselves thanks to a wide range of molecules naturally active in plants. Phyto-therapy, like "Extracts of Fresh Plants Standardized" (EPS), provide efficient natural solutions thanks to a highly efficient extraction method which yields all the active ingredients of the plants for therapeutic use. This extraction process allows us to adapt specific combinations of plant extracts to meet the specific needs based on the overall health of each individual. Unlike chemical solutions, these plant extracts exhibit no side effects. To optimize the therapeutic effects, the plants can be combined with specific nutrients for the nervous system.
For example the co-factors of the neuro-transmitters, in order to better regulate the mood along the day.
As a complement with the phyto-therapy, the micro-nutrition adapted to your needs (amino acids, minerals, vitamins, enzymes, probiotics/prebiotics according to an individual assessment) supply the key nutrients for a healthy function of our systems (immune, digestive, nervous, cardio-vascular, osteo-articular).