Health and sport performance

It is all about balance!

How to benefit fully from your sport activities while preserving your health?

The implementation of a tailor- made program will help your endurance in sports like cross- country skiing, skating, randonnée, biking, hiking, jogging …or will help  your performance in a tennis game.



By preparing yourself BEFORE the physical effort, supporting you DURING and recovering better AFTER.

You will help protect your joints and make your muscles stronger while lasting longer during the effort.

Based on an assessment of nutritional deficiencies, this program aims to protect you against the chronic impact of badly prepared or intensive exercise on your health: inflammation, muscular, joints, stress problems, depletion of reserves and acidification.


Movement is life!

Well adapted physical exercise makes us healthy! It:

 activates all the metabolisms ( toxins elimination, blood circulation, immune and lymphatic system …)

 maintains joints and muscles  flexibility

 ensures bone mineralization

 gives more vitality

 balances emotions thanks to endorphins

A Bio- Nutritional profile helps to set up a program based on specific individual needs for being active in sport.

This implies a strategy to prevent inflammatory problems and to support the body during the physical effort:

 supply of specific nutrients ( including electrolytes) for fighting against depletion of energy reserves, oxidative stress, mental fatigue, deterioration of muscles and cramps.

 nutritional balance in your daily diet

 elimination of excess acids thanks to herbal remedies

 use of Essential Oils for muscle preparation and herbal remedies to help concentrate and manage stress better

By adopting a preventive and pro-active approach, you will avoid rheumatic problems and keep your joints healthy!

Enjoy your sport!

Get ready, get set, go!