Nutrition and vitality

A customized nutritional plan will help you follow harmoniously the biological rythm of your enzymatic and hormonal metabolism along the day :

  to reduce the risk of chronic disease

  to live optimally at the weight and level of fitness to your body

 to boost your ability to burn calories : lose weight, gain vitality

A balanced nutrition is based on a synergy of healthy nutrients.

A nutritional profile assessed by questionaires (Société Suisse micro-nutrition IEDM) pinpoints the deficiencies or excess and adapts a nutritional plan based on your specific needs.


This program defines the oligo-elements/minerals and other essential nutrients needed to optimize enzymatic functions.

It takes into account the important role of a balanced intestinal system in the absorption of nutrients along with its effects on the immune system.

Together with the naturopath's own assessment, these nutritional & health profiles give a panoramic view of your health situation : toxin overloads, deficiencies, energy reserves …

A treatment strategy adapted to your needs is set up in several phases:

Detoxination phase to eliminate the overloads of toxins
Regeneration phase to compensate the deficiencies and boost the cellular metabolism

During each phase, nutritional advice plays an important role to guide you towards a healthy balance.  

The nutritional plan including weekly menu plans, integrates high quality food, rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, minerals, fibers, Essential Fatty Acids (Omega 3/6/9) and good source of proteins and carbohydrates.

Specific supplements, natural and well absorbable, help to speed up the regulation process. They contribute to the detoxination process and to restore the balance in:

blood glucose level
acido-basic level
intestinal system
immune  and nervous system