Relieve your chronic pain !

Regain your vitality !
Be aware of the warning signs that your body  sends : loss of endurance, muscle fatigue, joint pain, arthritis, rhumatism… How to tackle the underlying inflammation ?

What are the links to consider ?

The  link between  the Intestine – the liver and the inflammation

This implies  :

support the liver during the 2 detoxification phasis with :
> synergies of medicinal plants (liquid plant extracts or capsules form)
> adequate nutrients through our food (cruciferous) and through supplements (vit B, amino acids, taurine, oligo-elements contributing to the enzyme process)

restoring the intestinal eco-system with :
> specific probiotics depending on the digestive problem (constipation, diarrhea ,bloating, acid  reflux, spasms)
> anti-inflammatory nutrients that regenerate the intestinal lining while nourishing the flora (glutamine)
> clinical phytotherapy ( plant extracts)


The link between acidity  and inflammation

This implies  :

set up a custom nutritional plan (based on an assessment )
supply alkaline nutrients like citrates acting like  a «buffer system»
do sports following a suitable program with proper micronutrion ( see chapter  about Health and Sport performance)

The link between oxidation and inflammation
The enzyme system, fighting against  Free Radicals (from pollutions), is easily overwhelmed. An antioxidant nutrition, based on fresh fruits & veggies is essential but sometimes not sufficient to counterbalance the oxidative load. Supplementing  with vitamins , minerals and plant extracts  is very helpful..

The link between deficiencies of Essential Fatty Acids and inflammation
Increase the consumption of vegetable oil and fish oil to balance the ratio omega3/omega 6 and to stimulate the anti-inflammatory reactions.

Natural solutions for arthritis, tendinitis and chronic pain include :
phytotherapy which is efficient for acute and chronic pain if we use the right synergies of plants, high quality extracts, the right dosage in association  with local treatments. The plants fight «chemical messengers of inflammation» (Free Radicals) like the willow and the gaultheria, which are «natural aspirine» (salicylic acid)

 nutritherapy which  :

> regenerates the cartilage and joints ( powder or capsules form)
> has an anti-inflammatory action (like  Heat Shock Proteins)
> stimulates the secretion of serotonine ( calming neurotransmitter)