Health and sport performance

How to benefit fully from your sport activities while taking care of your health?

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Health and sport performance

It’s a question of balance!

 How do you fully benefit from your sporting activity while taking care of your health?

This can be done through preparation BEFORE, support DURING, and better recovery AFTER physical exertion.

This will preserve your joints and tone your muscles during and after the effort.

By laboratory screening for nutritional deficits, this program aims to protect you against the chronic impact of poor preparation or over-exertion, which can impair health through inflammation, muscular and joint disorders, stress, depletion of reserves and acidification.

Movement is life!

Well-adapted physical exercise makes us feel good, through:

  • Stimulation of elimination systems throughout the body;
  • Deep mobilisation of fluids, such as blood and lymph;
  • Metabolic activation: toxin drainage, immune-stimulation, etc.;
  • Joint and muscle flexibility;
  • Bone mineralisation;
  • Vital energy activation and exchange;
  • Emotional well-being, thanks to the release of endorphins.

A bio-nutritional assessment can identify nutritional needs, to establish a personalised program according to the specific needs of each athlete.

This involves a strategy to reduce inflammation and support exercise through:

  • A supply of nutrients targeted to the athlete’s needs, fighting against energy depletion, oxidative stress, mental fatigue, muscle breakdown and cramps;
  • Daily food rebalancing;
  • Drainage of excess acids, with the help of herbal medicine;
  • The use of essential oils for muscle preparation, and of medicinal plants for concentration and stress management.

Such prevention and proactivity will increase your pleasure in sports and keep your joints healthy.

Ready, set, go!