Consultations in Founex and Versoix, bilingual English-French
Naturopath & nutritionist, Swiss Federal Diploma in European Traditional natural Medicine

Dynamic nature follows a pro-active approach
for reaching optimal health

The therapies provided by Christine Dennis since 2005 are based on the following methods :

During the first consultation, between 60 and 90 minutes is allocated to listening to the patient, to understand the multiple factors influencing the health issues. A questionnaire completed by the patient beforehand enables preparation for this consultation and identification of the general health profile in advance.

My approach follows the principles of integrative medicine by assessing the patient’s nutrition, micro nutrition, neuropsychology, digestion and immunity. Based on these initial results, a nutritional program and treatment are put in place to respond to the overall health issues, instead of exclusively focusing on isolated symptoms.

The objective is to find a physiological, biological and psycho-emotional balance. My therapeutic strategy thus incorporates inter-professional collaboration among integrative doctors, psychologists, osteopaths and other therapists.

This approach offers lasting, holistic solutions to various chronic and inflammatory problems, such as:

My assessment tools include the following:

  • Health Profile questionnaires (European Institute of Micronutrition)
  • Health assessment
  • Advice for laboratory tests (Biomarkers)

My therapeutic tools incorporate:

  • Individual nutritional plan, including weekly menus, a “smart shopping” list and healthy/tasty recipes
  • Lifestyle recommendations – getting back into motion!
  • Natural food supplement prescriptions, according to individual needs
  • Phytotherapy (plant extract) prescriptions, prepared in pharmacies
  • Follow-up of the treatment over 3 consultations allows for adaptation of the therapeutic strategy according to the evolution of the health issues

Healing manifests itself in a process of transformation which goes beyond the disappearance of symptoms. It is a dynamic process that involves changes in lifestyle and nutritional balance, promoting less constraining weight loss, improvement in environmental factors, reduction of stress and adapted physical activity. It is the constant adjustments that maintains the stability of health.

Fees *: 120 CHF per hour
* Reimbursement by all Swiss health insurances, according to contracted complementary insurance plan.

Registration numbers of Christine Dennis, for complementary insurances:
RCC : O148762
Membre APTN : 70AA080563 ( Association des Praticiens en Thérapies Naturelles)
ASCA : S100549
RME : 41350